Saturday, September 25, 2010

Another Bad Pete-ism

We've been busy packing up for our move. Yard and doggy doors, here we come!

A couple Saturdays ago, I took Pete with me to clean up the new house and run some errands. And what's a Saturday morning without delicious Lamar's donuts?! Unfortunately, I forgot about my leftovers when I ran into to return a dress. Peter didn't forget though. Here's what happened when I got back to the car.... He obviously knows he misbehaved. (And no PETA, I didn't hit him. Not once, its just vocal discipline!)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Italian Artistes!

BDR and I had a too lazy to cook, thanks for the gift card for Christmas, dinner date at Macaroni Grill. And of course, waiting for food time turned into art class.

My asparagus green drawing of BDR. Its pretty darn good since you can't see it very well.

His artistic rendering of me. Not too bad except for my enormously huge lips. I swear I'm not that disproportionate.

This is us outside our new house with Peter. I particularly enjoy the landscaping.

And then, the best part... the bread and olive oil dip! Thank Ma and Pa BDR for the fun night out!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Purple Pals

A big crew of K-Staters made it back to The Bill for the Family Reunion. For those that don't speak Wildcat, that means a heckuva lot of my college buddies went back to Manhattan for the season opening football game at Bill Snyder Family Stadium.

It was a beautiful perfect day, topped off with a gorgeous Wildcat victory over UCLA (and  KU loss to 1-AA North Dakota Someone Or Other!). Its crazy to believe we'll all been friends for almost 10 years now.

But looking back and sharing stories, its not so surprising. Its amazing to me how good friends can remain close even with distance.

Vista Love Y'All.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Get in my belly

Does anything else really need to be said about this, really!?

Dunkin' Donuts. Tastiness in a box.

DD works out really well when BDR is waking up and wants breakfast and I'm finishing my day and want dessert. Plus, there's never a bad time for a donut. So this week, we headed out for a little dessertfast as I like to call it. We ordered a half dozen and I asked BDR which one he wanted me to stay away from. No response, so I had a little bit of everyone! I particularly enjoyed the glazed Maple one in the bottom middle.

We've been doing a really good job lately of not eating out, sticking to our budget. Its hard though, after a long day at busy work the last thing I usually want to do is cook something. So last Friday, we went to my new favorite Chinese buffet, Joy Wok. We wonder if its just a front for a money laundering ring or something, because its sooo cheap for so much food (even good sushi!) that there is no way they are making a profit on it. We also went to Stix on Monday for our friend "Brant's mom"s birthday. I love when they toss the shrimp at you, expecting a clean catch in the mouth. Never works for me. That and the "egg roll" joke...

Otherwise, I've made a delicous veggie-enduced meat lasagna, roast in the crock pot and some gourmet PBnJ this week.