Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Ride since Ironman!

Headed out on the flat, flat roads of Wichita with my sister in law, Natasha. She is training for the Country's Most Beautiful Bike Ride at Lake Tahoe, raising money through Team in Training.

Tash is still a pretty new cyclist, so it was fun to get out and share some of the tips I've learned through my past couple years of riding.

It was a gorgeous spring day, but it was very KANSAS. And by that I mean, we totally could have been taken in a gust of wind to Munchkinland. We headed south from my parents house, straight into the wind. It sucked.

It felt great to be back on my bike, but i don't think I've ever battled winds like that before on two wheels. We went out 5 miles and decided the wind equated to about 8 or 10 miles. Heading back home felt like flying. It took no effort at all.

The best part of the ride? The polite and welcoming Sedgwick County cows. What delightful ladies. As I moo'ed hello to the herd, every one of them rose to greet us, chewing their cud and nodding a respectful "Good Effort" to the two crazies on two wheels.

If only horses were as welcoming.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I've been investigating career options, taking personality and career tests online. Some are great, others are not as helpful, but hopefully I'm making some progress toward a new career!

ColorQuiz.comTrish took the free ColorQuiz.com personality test!
""Has a strong desire to contribute and influence o..."
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The path has gotten foggy

This blog is supposed to be about finding my path. Where I'm supposed to go in life. Enjoying the unknown. Plus all the adventures along the way.

Well, the unknown became a little more unclear on Thursday afternoon. There was a bad breakup, and no, not with TGO (who is wonderful and wonderfully supportive) but with my still fairly new employer. Due to "compatibility issues" the relationship ended.

I just went thru this not so long ago. The day I returned to work from Ironman, I lost my job. In that situation, it wasn't so surprising, and it was something that I had wanted. Of course, I wanted it on my terms instead, but I had planned to find a new job post-race anyways.

This time, it totally blindsided me. Came out of the blue. Out of left field. All those cliches.

Things had been going well. We'd been producing lots of great marketing material. I thought things were great.

Apparently my boss disagreed. After a full day, he pulled me into the conference room at about 3:00 and said things weren't working out. There were compatibility issues and our relationship was ending.

He said it wasn't my work or my performance, just that it wasn't working out. I needed to work on my interpersonal skills... I've never had anyone tell me that in my entire life.

So basically that translates to: He didn't like me.

And as pissed off as that makes me, I'm also a little OK with it. Because I like me. I know that I do good work, am a good employee, and am a good person.

Yes, I have opinions. I'm not afraid to speak up about what they are. I don't change them when someone disagrees with me. To those that don't know, that is called INTEGRITY. I know that thru the entirety of my employment, I was 100% myself. With all my skills, talents and opinions. And I'm not ashamed or afraid of that.

And they didn't like that. Their loss. My future's gain.

But now, the hard part...

What to do next???!???!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Follow the yellow brick road

Dear Toto,

We're not in Ironman training anymore. Click your heels three times and the workout is already done!

No more 3 hour training sessions. A good 45 minutes is plenty. And its so much more than most "normal" people do. Granted, we all know that athletes, specifically triathletes, aren't "normal people", but still.

When we go for a 3 mile run, that is still a good workout.

When we mix up the stairmaster, elliptical and recumbant bike, that is still a good workout.

When we decide watching the game tonight is more important and we do 12 oz curls instead, that is still a good workout, er, evening.

So dear Toto, keep this in mind when you feel like a big slacker. You don't have to push yourself as hard as you did this time last year. There is no $550 entry fee weighing on your shoulders, pushing you out the door on your bike in 45 wet degrees.

Working out and training can simply be fun. Enjoyable. A hobby. True, it became part of our lifestyle over the past couple years, but it doesn't have to take over our life. It can simply be a part of it.

So Toto, enjoy the cold beer and cookie dough tonight, and know that the run we'll go on tomorrow will make it all even out.

Love, Dorothy.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunny days... sweeping the... clouds away...

Low 60s in KC on Saturday afternoon. After a delightful nap, I couldn't resist going out for a run. So Pete and I headed out, with the new gentle leader we had just gotten at PetSmart around his muzzle.

About a mile in, I had to strip.

Luckily, I could wear my pants tied around my waist. So the final 3 miles were wonderful. I love the first days of spring, when you can bust out your shorts and tank tops will soon follow.

It seriously makes me think life is all sunbeams and cherries, Sesame Street songs and rainbows.

Sunday was the same, even a little sunnier. TGO and I had a great day together. We started TenniSchool and had a ton of fun. We are headed back to practice tonight. It was a Groupon offered about a week ago, and it came with a full month's membership to the gym - meaning: I get to swim again! Who woulda thought I'd be excited about that!?

Today is definitely not a "Case of the Monday's" and I couldn't be happier.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Go State!

I did what I just might consider my first tempo run yesterday. I know they've been on the training plan before, but yesterday I really tried to do it right. Pete and I started out easy. Well, I started easy and he drug me along. Then about 3/4 mile in, we picked it up, easing back down once I passed the 2.5 mile mark. It was a tough workout for this early in training, but it sure made the pizza and beer during "the big game" go down easy.

If only my Cats coulda pulled it out. March will definitely be interesting with a tournament appearance, let alone a top-seeded tournament appearance! Go State!! I'm "Pullen" for ya!

Now, back to the doctor to investigate this crazy lip thing that is going on again. It was all cleared up, and this morning the red spots on my lips said, "Please go spend another $30 at the doctors office today, you know you didn't want to spend that on anything else!" So I guess I'll listen....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


2.75 miles easy. Check.
100 pushup challenge, day one. (Again.) Check.

Hospital Hill, here I come!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hospital Hill training starts today!

It was a beautiful (read sunny and not frigid) weekend in KC and it felt wonderful to get out for a short run on Saturday. TGO, Pete and I took off for an easy 4 mile run to enjoy the sunshine and stretch our legs. I could definitely tell that being sick took my fitness level with it. I struggled close to the 3 mile mark.

This week starts training for the Hospital Hill Half Marathon. They offer a free training plan and it starts today. I'm hoping it will still be sunny when I get out of afternoon meetings. It's going to be different to be training for a running race instead of a tri, and I'm hoping my ITB and knees are up to the challenge. One of the best parts of this race? It benefits my favorite local charity, Girls on the Run! This race is also the weekend of my sorority reunion, so I'm hoping to get a bunch of those girls out running with me!

The only other race I've already committed to is the WIN for KC Women's Triathlon. In a meeting with WIN's director last week (she's a huge GOTR supporter), I learned that there are only 100 spots left! Registration for the 7/31/10 race opened on Feb. 5 and out of the 800 spots, 700 are already filled! So if you are interested in trying a tri and are a woman, this is the best KC area race to do that! It is such a great atmosphere, very supportive and encouraging, for first timers or old pros. I HIGHLY recommend this race.

I also visited a couple bike shops this weekend. In hopes of finding a fun Indian Creek/Katy Trail / pedal to the grocery store bike, I test rode a couple at Trek. And I would LOVE to find this one used and thus deeply discounted. If anyone has suggestions on finding used hybrids, I would love your ideas!