Thursday, March 4, 2010

Go State!

I did what I just might consider my first tempo run yesterday. I know they've been on the training plan before, but yesterday I really tried to do it right. Pete and I started out easy. Well, I started easy and he drug me along. Then about 3/4 mile in, we picked it up, easing back down once I passed the 2.5 mile mark. It was a tough workout for this early in training, but it sure made the pizza and beer during "the big game" go down easy.

If only my Cats coulda pulled it out. March will definitely be interesting with a tournament appearance, let alone a top-seeded tournament appearance! Go State!! I'm "Pullen" for ya!

Now, back to the doctor to investigate this crazy lip thing that is going on again. It was all cleared up, and this morning the red spots on my lips said, "Please go spend another $30 at the doctors office today, you know you didn't want to spend that on anything else!" So I guess I'll listen....

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Running Through Life said...

Great job on the Tempo run!!!