Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Ride since Ironman!

Headed out on the flat, flat roads of Wichita with my sister in law, Natasha. She is training for the Country's Most Beautiful Bike Ride at Lake Tahoe, raising money through Team in Training.

Tash is still a pretty new cyclist, so it was fun to get out and share some of the tips I've learned through my past couple years of riding.

It was a gorgeous spring day, but it was very KANSAS. And by that I mean, we totally could have been taken in a gust of wind to Munchkinland. We headed south from my parents house, straight into the wind. It sucked.

It felt great to be back on my bike, but i don't think I've ever battled winds like that before on two wheels. We went out 5 miles and decided the wind equated to about 8 or 10 miles. Heading back home felt like flying. It took no effort at all.

The best part of the ride? The polite and welcoming Sedgwick County cows. What delightful ladies. As I moo'ed hello to the herd, every one of them rose to greet us, chewing their cud and nodding a respectful "Good Effort" to the two crazies on two wheels.

If only horses were as welcoming.

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