Saturday, March 13, 2010

The path has gotten foggy

This blog is supposed to be about finding my path. Where I'm supposed to go in life. Enjoying the unknown. Plus all the adventures along the way.

Well, the unknown became a little more unclear on Thursday afternoon. There was a bad breakup, and no, not with TGO (who is wonderful and wonderfully supportive) but with my still fairly new employer. Due to "compatibility issues" the relationship ended.

I just went thru this not so long ago. The day I returned to work from Ironman, I lost my job. In that situation, it wasn't so surprising, and it was something that I had wanted. Of course, I wanted it on my terms instead, but I had planned to find a new job post-race anyways.

This time, it totally blindsided me. Came out of the blue. Out of left field. All those cliches.

Things had been going well. We'd been producing lots of great marketing material. I thought things were great.

Apparently my boss disagreed. After a full day, he pulled me into the conference room at about 3:00 and said things weren't working out. There were compatibility issues and our relationship was ending.

He said it wasn't my work or my performance, just that it wasn't working out. I needed to work on my interpersonal skills... I've never had anyone tell me that in my entire life.

So basically that translates to: He didn't like me.

And as pissed off as that makes me, I'm also a little OK with it. Because I like me. I know that I do good work, am a good employee, and am a good person.

Yes, I have opinions. I'm not afraid to speak up about what they are. I don't change them when someone disagrees with me. To those that don't know, that is called INTEGRITY. I know that thru the entirety of my employment, I was 100% myself. With all my skills, talents and opinions. And I'm not ashamed or afraid of that.

And they didn't like that. Their loss. My future's gain.

But now, the hard part...

What to do next???!???!


RockStarTri said...


First, let me say I'm sorry. Going through something like this is never fun. Unfortunately it is happening too frequently these days but it should never be a blind side.

What next, as you write, is the key. Sounds like you have the right mindset to come up with the right path (pun intended) for you.

jessica said...

I've been there before too, completely blindsided, "just not working out." I won't lie, it was a serious low-point in my adult life, but once I settled down a bit, that was a time when I was most clear about my future options and real goals.

Hang in there.

kate said...

Aww, Trish...I'm sorry. If I hear of anything good around the hospital, I'll be sure to let you know!