Sunday, August 29, 2010

The policeman's ball

One of BDR's cop buddies got married last weekend. We would've had a blast if he hadn't had to stay sober and go into work. But you can't really carry a .45 if you've been tossing back a few. I mean really - what do you tell the drunk you're pulling over? No DUI for you if you blow a lower BAC than me!

I did rather enjoy the best man's speech. He told the story of when the groom pulled over a lady. Before he could even say anything, the lady spouted out, "Wait, I know why you're pulling me over! You want me to buy tickets to the policeman's ball!"

And the officer's response...
(Wait for it....)

"Oh mam, policeman don't have balls!"

Touche, lady, touche.

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