Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday Ride

I got a good "long" ride in Friday noon. I'm still adjusting to long rides being in the 20-mile range. (I'm also still adjusting to how to use the print screen option on my computer!)

I went south from Nanny and Poppy's as far as the road would let me, then headed east. I was delighted at how wind-free the ride was. For Good Friday, it was a beautiful day. Being outside is a great spiritual release for me, so it was a great way to be one on Good Friday.

So gorgeous weather, rude horses that didn't appreciate my insightful winney, and flat roads. Seriously, riding in Wichita is like buttah. Buttah' on a flat, flat pancake. I mean, look at the elevation change in the map, well, I should say, lack of elevation change. And, the wind was wonderful.

Until I turned around. YIKES. Talk about pedaling into the wind. Luckily it wasn't quite as bad as earlier in the week, but I still had to work.

I really do like not having a training schedule. It makes things so much more fun and relazing when you don't have to keep an eye on your heart rate or cadence or mileage. Heck, I didn't even put my Garmin on my bike. It was delightful. A 1.5 hour sweaty delightful, flat afternoon.

Followed promptly by some serious play time with my three favorite little guys.

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