Friday, February 4, 2011

Stella's Pedigree

My awesome birthday present this year was a Doggie DNA test for our new little one, Stella. We recently go the results back and were a little surprised. When we first got her, we were told she was a Mastiff mix. As she grew, she started to look more and more German Shepherd.

Here's the results....

She is half purebred! That's a lot more than any of us American Mutts can claim anymore! I know I'm Irish, English, Norweigan, Indian, German, etc, etc, etc.

She's been living up to her breeds. It seems like anywhere I walk, she's right behind me, nipping at my calves and heels telling me where she wants me to go. What a herder! And just yesterday she popped Peter in the face showcasing her full boxing abilities!

Next week she's set to get spayed. She's losing baby teeth right and left. And she's mastering the skills we learn in her puppy class. She's up to about 25 pounds and its getting hard to lift her!

Sigh, my baby is growin' up!

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