Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stelly's Belly!

Stelly's belly will never be the same. You can see the tiny little stitches in the middle of her belly from her surgery last week. They shaved much of her belly too, so not only does it look funny, but it feels all prickly too. Kinda like BDR's moustache.

And due to the stitches, she has to wear the cone of shame. Luckily, she's still really stinkin' cute.

Besides her spay, Stella also had a thumb-ectomy. That is, her dew claws were removed. I had always wished I'd gotten Peter's taken off, so I was sure to get Stella all set up. They shave a good chunk of her hands and she's got several stitches.

 She's recovering pretty darn well though. She of course has her bouts with energy and exhaustion, but that's pretty typical of any puppy. We've been trying to keep her pretty calm and make sure she doesn't wrestle with big brother too much. So far so good.

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