Thursday, March 24, 2011

Manhattan St Patty's Day 10K

The Saturday after St Patrick's Day, I roadtripped with some girlfriends to run another festive race in Manhattan, home of the Kansas State Wildcats!!

We were expecting a warm, sunny day, but arrived in Aggieville to a cold and dreary morning. We watched the 2 mile race take off huddle under an awning of an eye doctor, then corralled ourselves inside Kite's to watch the finish and stay warm.

Minutes before the start gun went off, we got in the middle of the starting pack - just in time to take a quick pic! Those are my running buddies, Lynsey, Jennifer and Alli.

The race left Aggieville, went north through campus past the rec and the Bill and the firestation, not to mention the old llama lot. Then turned around back through campus, Aggieville and around city park.

Once we hit the K-State gardens at the 4-mile mark and about 40:42 on the clock, I knew I had a chance to break an hour. Set a PR - no way, I hadn't really even been trying that hard thus far in the race! I was stoked. So I told Alli I was gonna try and she said she'd see me at the finish line. I picked off as many people as I could and sure enough -- I did it!!

Here's the video I'm glad I remembered to take as I turned back onto 12th Street toward Kite's and the finish line.

After we all finished, we were so excited to chow down on some of our Manhattan favorites. Unfortunately, with a combination of the rain and the upcoming St Patty's parade, all our favorite spots were jam packed to the brim. So we ordered to go food.

First, of course, Raspberry Chipolte Black Bean Dip from So Long Saloon.

And the Belly Buster from Rock-A-Belly Deli.

We were happy runners with full tummies for the drive back to KC!

Luckily, its only a short 1:45 drive. Any longer and I would have been exhausted. It poured the entire way home, leaving very little visibility and making it nearly impossible to carry a conversation from the pounding of the raindrops.

I'm still so stoked that I broke an hour and set a PR. Now if only I could figure out whats wrong with my bum leg in time to PR at Rock the Parkway Half Marathon in a few days!!

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