Monday, March 21, 2011

Mayan Adventure!

(Editor's note: I thought I published this a long time ago. I was wrong. Sorry for the delay. Here's the last installment of the Mexico stories!)

After our visit to Tulum, we got into the exciting part of the excursion.

We started out snorkeling in a cenote'.

What an amazing experience. The water was frigid! But it was crystal clear. The stalagmites and stalactites were gorgeous. I expected them to be breakable, but nope, hard as a rock. Fitting, since they are indeed rocks. I can testify to that though after kicking one! There were tiny little catfish near the only spot of sunlight in the cave. It was a very spiritual experience. Really, only God could create something so amazing!

After we dried off, we went ziplining. Holy Cannoli. This was crazy. We climbed up a 100-some-odd foot rickety wooden tower in a tree and jumped off, with only our harness attached to this cable that took us to the next tree several hundred feet away. You can see the tower in the background of this photo. Its way high. So high that you can see the ocean, and we are way inland here.

As you can tell from BDR's face. This was pretty stinkin' cool.

Lastly, we rappelled off this other really high rickety tower in a tree. You had to put your back towards the wild blue yonder, and start to step off the edge. Man, my palms are sweating just thinking about it! Eek! There were three steps that went towards the ground, so it was like you were stepping backwards downstairs but 100 feet in the air with only one little rope holding you up for dear life. It was exhilerating to say the least!!

Some outlandish crazy adventures, but oh so worth it!! Thank you Bob the Cat for biting me so BDR and I could have this amazing vacation!

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