Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Playa Del Carmen

On Wednesday morning, we decided to go for a run from the resort into the town of Playa del Carmen. There was a beautiful road, with gorgeous palacial resorts on one side and beautiful vacation homes on the other. The concierge told us it was about 3-5K into town, so off we went.

About halfway there, after passing the Playacar Plaza and the first Starbucks, we saw a sign leading us back into the jungle towards some Mayan ruins. We climbed on up and had a nice South African couple take our photo.

Once we hit the edge of town, it was shopping city. The very south edge was filled with Tommy Bahama, Lacoste, Coach, etc, but the further north you got it was only little shops where the salesmen holler at you as you pass by. "Honeymooners, American honeymooners, come see what I have for you!" "Oh, I have a good deal for a pretty American lady!" Ya, buddy, sure you do.

We went in one shop and BDR picked up some sunglasses. The salesman jumped on him immediately. "You like? Great quality, good price for you." Of course BDR asked how much US? The guy said he'd sell the fake Oakleys for $45. Shah, right. BDR said he only had $10. So the guy came down to a $22 sales price. BDR said he only had $10. The sales guy said "Don't lie to me amigo" and then eventually agreed to a $10 sales price. Ya, that's what I thought!

At every cross street to Quinta Avenida (5th Avenue) you could look east and see the ocean. It was gorgeous!

We had a ton of fun walking around, and taking in the different culture and scenery.

Friday morning, we walked back down to the Plaza Playacar for a coffee to enjoy as we walked back on the beach.

There was this cool walkway that took you from the road to the beach that we took. I love this photo!

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