Monday, July 5, 2010

4th shenanigans

Fourth of July and heading to the Lake. Unfortunately, the sun didn't want to go along with my plans. But I planned to make the best of it and prepare holiday goodies.

The first go didn't turn out so well. There wasn't even sugar cookie dough to fill the pan, so I tried a half batch of chocolate-less chocolate chip cookie dough for the other half. It took forever to bake and then wasn't anywhere near done when I thought it was!

Luckily Round 2 turned out amazing. The whipping cream and cream cheese icing on the top was delightful and my hope of leftovers burst at everyone's first bite.

After a swim in the lake, dock diving competitions and an amazing kebob dinner, the real competition began.
The White Bread Challenge. Allegedly its not possible to eat a piece of white bread in 45 seconds. Lil Bro challenged and many of the rest of the clan had to give it a shot.

Charlie tried the squish it into one ball of bread method. Fail.

Nick tried multiple tiny bites. Fail.

BDR tried normal size bites. Fail.

Kristen tried to roll and bite method. Fail.

Mike got in on round 2 - the 6 saltines in a minute legend. Fail.

We should have known... who else wanted to try!? Pete the Wonderdog of course. He still had nearly a full slice at 20 seconds, the first 15 were spent finding the best spot in the kitchen to snack. At 32 seconds - the bread was gone! I barely had time to even snap pictures!

Even though the rain put a damper on the fireworks, it was a great holiday. Nothing like Nanny & Poppy's Colorado adventure with Yogi Bear (photo here) walking down their driveway, but still...

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