Friday, July 23, 2010

Gravity's a bitch.

I never thought you could bruise your boob, but I just might have accomplished that this morning. I got into a fight on my run.

Pete was being a pistol and I had to drag him along. Then the sidewalk didn't want us there so it jumped up and bit my ankles.

It was a slow motion fall... I thought there was a chance I could've caught myself.

Shin, knee, hip, boob, shoulder, head... boom boom boom. Somehow my hat ended up crooked and I have a grass stain on my shoulder. However I didn't land in the grass - just on the sidewalk... Not quite sure how it happened.
Gravity's a bitch.

And now, I might be too. Not a great start to a Friday.

Luckily - its only bound to improve.

Not that I'll be doing any bounding anytime soon...


Ryan said...

Hate that gravity and sidewalks that trip you. I got back by reporting the sidewalks to the city and they came and grinded joints on over 2 miles of sidewalks where I run! TAKE THAT!

A house in chaos said...

Yuck! Hope you're okay. Hope you have a good day today with your Mom.