Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weight Loss Update

Its been a little over 3 weeks since I first posted that Pete and I are trying to lose some weight. Time for an update:

Me solo: 167 even. Sheesh. I should have checked in the morning... seems like almost every morning I'm at 162 and change. Oh well, I had just eaten dinner. Maybe that counts for something... at least its .8 lighter!

Pete and I together. Aren't we cute?! :-)

Us together: 224.4 that's a 4.6 pound improvement, meaning Pete has lost 3.8 himself! Way to go little buddy.

All that training is paying off - but poor guy is tuckered out after his runs. This is Pete post-11 mile run on Saturday. Nose in the corner of the room, enjoying the cool tile - hoping BDR and I leave him alone to recover!

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A house in chaos said...

Good job guys! I'm in it with you but I don't think I'm ready to post a scale picture until I'm 167!