Tuesday, November 23, 2010

10 Things You’re Thankful For

1. My family - Blood relatives of course, but also my friends, BDR, and Peter. Family is a "relative term"!

2. Strength and growth - If we didn't have these, life would be a lot harder and a lot more boring.

3. Food on my table - particularly the delightful Thanksgiving meal I'm going to cook on Thursday!

4. Opportunity to give back to my community - I love the organizations I'm involved in and the way they allow me to help so many other people.

5. Pumpkin flavored almost anything - is there anything better for the season than pumpkin spice!?

6. Health - I'm blessed to be feeling pretty darn good right now and I know not all are so lucky.

7. Work - There's been a few times in the past couple years when I couldn't say this, but my job is wonderful and so are the people I work with.

8.Beary - Yes, the teddy bear I got from my Grandma when I was little still makes the list. He reminds me of all the blessings I had then and still have now. Plus it reminds me of her even after her passing this year.

9. No Ironman training - That was such a huge part of my life then, but I love all the free time I have now to do other things.

10. The holiday season! - I get to put up my Christmas tree and all my decorations in just a couple days!!!

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