Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Night

Here's the story of my Saturday night. Make note of the name of the wine:

Compiling Thanksgiving menus, complete with a trip to the Hob Lob to make for a fabulous holiday season. I've got my pumpkin spice candle lit and I'm tempted to start planning holiday music.

When I return home from my mani and the Hob, I ask Pete if he behaved...

Who, me?! He asks ever so sweetly...

I would never do anything to disappoint you Mom.

Especially not get into the trash and put a whole in a plastic cake holder that has nothing in it but a used straw and a plants droppings, maybe a couple cake crumbs...

And I would never, never, NEVER eat an entire bag of candy corn that I knew you were looking forward to enjoying yourself. I know its one of your favorite seasonal treats.

What am I to do with you Peter?!

I guess I'll just worry about that later after I enjoy my Broke Ass at home on a Saturday night.

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