Sunday, October 31, 2010

Perfect Autumn Afternoon

We had a perfect autumn afternoon on the trails at Minor Park. It was the most perfect weather, with perfect company and perfect surroundings. If you haven't been out to Minor Park, I'm hesitant to recommend it. One of the reasons I LOVE THIS PLACE is that there is hardly ever anyone there. Pete doesn't need to be on a leash, and we always have so much fun!

Once you get on the mail trail from the trailhead, there's this weird metal thing that at one time I"m sure served a great purpose. Now, its just a hot spot for graffiti. Fitting graffiti though. :-)

The Blue River runs through the park and there are a few spots that really overlook the water. This is probably 25 feet above the creek and BDR is afraid of heights! Peter would get close to the edge and BDR got so nervous.

This is one of the most scenic spots on the trail, with great rock seats to take in the views.

Needless to say, we love our new iPhones and are really enjoying getting some good use out of them.

I'm obviously in a great mood from a great afternoon!

And Peter is exhausted from the several-mile hike!

While we're at it, this is a taste of something I have to put up with every night. Growing up, we'd have group therapy sessions with our dogs after dinner. Sitting around the table, we'd listen to a similar whine and bark and attribute it to some issues the pups needed to work out. Now, I'm not so sure, but there is definitely something he's trying to communicate!

And one last taste of the dramatic gopher... if you don't think this is funny - watch it a few more times!

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