Friday, October 15, 2010

What I've Been Up To....

So, its pretty obvious I've been crappy at posting lately. Well, I have a good excuse. Hopefully you'll agree. BDR and I just moved, work has been crazy busy, I'm super involved in two volunteer groups and my brother just got married. This week its really been catching up to me. Not only has it been a "fat" week, ugh, I hate that feeling, but I've been exhausted and struggle waking up! Its bound to get better now though, as I settle back into a routine.

That routine starts tomorrow with a Half Marathon. Wait, you haven't been training either?! I did my last long run at the beginning of August. 17 miles in killer heat, followed by dehydration that kept me on my back for the rest of the weekend. That was the tipping point for my burnout and I think I've gone on two 2-mile runs since then.

That should make tomorrow pretty interesting! My training buddy JW and I plan to stick out the misery together. If its good weather, maybe I'll take my camera along so you can relive the race with me!

Anyway, back to what I've been up to in the past few weeks...

Packing, packing packing.

And lots of unpacking. Peter was a nervous wreck for a few days until he realized that he was going to get to stay there with us. He stayed at my ankles, under foot for probably 4 days straight, staring outside whenever I went to grab another box to unload.

He's not quite sure about having his own room. The dining room has a doggy door that leads to the mud room, with a doggy door that leads to outside. There is a tiny little cheapo white shelf that he can jump on to see whats going on in the kitchen.

Our neighborhood is well established, so there are tons of trees! Which means tons of leaves, but we've got a great front deck, handicap accessible even!

And an even better back deck! With tons of seating areas and lots of acorns!

With those acorns come the little buddies that like to munch on acorns, and sometimes, they just can't take the heat. I'm not sure if this little guy died of natural causes, electrocution or a dog bite, but he sure looks pretty peaceful. Since this first loss, we've recovered two more of  his friends. One was picked up by the tail, courtesy my 6 year old nephew.

The best part about the new house. More space! I don't have to be thisclose to BDR and Peter at all times - and - I've got extra space for all my shoes!!!

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