Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I miss it.

I miss racing.

Not because I'm any good at it. Not for the PR's. Not for the medals.

But for the sweat.

And the fun.

And the heart-healthy benefits.

And the feeling of accomplishment and pride.

And the bit of soreness afterwards.

So how do I get myself motivated to train, keep training and make the entry fee a little more worthwhile? That is the question. Do I set up a race schedule for next year? A couple half mary's, maybe a half iron? Maybe just some 5ks?

I went to the actual gym this morning. And, let me say, BLAH. A run with Peter is a way better use of my time. A swim would've been good, but the pool was TINY. I've also recently gotten the P90X system, and I've thought about doing that. I'm just worried about my commitment level.  Hmm. Things to ponder.

In other news, my new pants are bleeding all over my hands. This dark-washed denim slack ain't sticking where it should!

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Andrea said...

Try to think back to your favorite races and why were they your favorite? What motivated you to them then and would you be motivated by the same things now?

Motivation is a tricky thing. You have to find YOUR reasons for motivation or it won't stick.