Monday, October 18, 2010

Youth Leadership Institute gets a New Leader!

My role as Chair of the 2011 Youth Leadership Institute (YLI) has begun.  We concluded the 2011 program by having the graduates attend an Overland Park Rotary Club meeting, speak to the Rotarians about their experience and learn who won the scholarships for their essays on the 4 Way Test.

This program is the largest program of our 175-member club, so it comes with a lot of responsibility. There is a large budget and a lot of notoriety that comes with my new job. Its going to be time consuming, but oh so rewarding. The program is a week-long summer leadership camp, much like many I've attended in my younger days with the Wichita's Promise Youth Council. It helps high school students cultivate many needed skills, get to know themselves and make new friends from across the metro area.

Here's the group that attended the Rotary meeting.

A Rotarian and his YLI grad grandaughter.

And finally, two of our three scholarship winners!

Oh ya, and me with the 3rd winner's mother! She's in France right now studying abroad for her junior year. It sounds like an amazing experience.

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