Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good little weekend

After the race on Saturday, BDR and I had some friends over to break in the back yard. Most imporantly, the fire pit. We aren't quite sure if this was legal or not, but since there were cops running the show, I banked on us being okay.

The guys thought it was a really smart idea to throw piles and piles of leaves into the fire, never mind the sparks that flew towards 2 of the 10 monstrous trees living in our yard.

We ended up having a great time, trading stories and drinking cold ones.

I'm particularly proud of myself for staying up til 12:30 or so. I mean I got up at 5:45, ran a half marathon, did a bunch of errands and then starting drinking. It was a busy day!

Sunday brought the most perfect morning on the back deck, drinking coffee and reading my Sunday paper, sharing the highlights with Pete while he stalked the white squirrel and treed it. We did some cleaning and organizing and bill paying, watched some TV and then started cooking.

We had BDR's parents and little bro over for dinner and a tried 2 new recipes from my new Runner's World. I highly recommend the one-dish wonder of Pork Tenderloin and Winter Vegetables. A casserole dish holds the pork (rubbed with mustard, garlic and pepper) and cut up sweet potato, carrots, brussel sprouts and red onion (substituted for fennel, since I had no idea what fennel is). It was phenomenal.  I also tried the spaghetti squash recipe on the magazine's following page. His parents loved it, but I thought it needed a little something more. I probably should have used a bit more seasoning. It was a little bland. We definitely got a good dose of fiber for the day though!

The boys broke in the horsehoe pits, we drank some Malbec, ate a bunch of food (also including a delicious bacon-cheese ball and strawberry rhubarb pie!) and enjoyed some wonderful company. Including Mr. Begger Dog.

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