Monday, October 25, 2010

Mountain Climbers and Frosting Truckers

Sunday we celebrated BDR's little brother's 17th birthday - at an indoor rock wall!

I had no idea this place existed. Its a huge building, with tons of gymnastics equipment and a monster play area including a rope swing with big foam blocks to fall onto and at the back is this 40-foot rock wall. We took a lesson from this "serious rock climber guy" and everyone else got belay certified. Here's us before we got started... From right to left, BDR, Nick, me, Kristen and Charlie.

Here's me, the first one to go up, feeling like I'm about 95 feet in the air, even though that black line is probably 10-12 feet high. I'm starting to get a bit nervous.

Another step or two later and I decide I can't go any further. That's what happens when you look down! The repelling part was fun, the being up on a wall with only little fake rock protrusions to hold you there - not so fun.

BDR did great, even though he's afraid of heights. 

But we were all shown up by the birthday boy. I think he rang the 40 foot high bell more than anyone else. Ah to be so fearless!

BDR's dad was the official photographer for the day. From the looks of this photo, you'd think he was an O'Donnell! Its the official self-portrait!

Afterwards, we all went to Johnny C's Pizza, the Reedy Family hangout, for pizza, onion rings and birthday cake. (Note the awesome toy construction trucks on the cake! It even had a mound of frosting dirt and black sprinkles like soil!) Of course, the competition continued on the side-by-side race car game. All-time winner, BDR, was eventually beaten by the all-time loser Nick.  

After pizza and beer, we of course, busted out the cake. On the second round, a big plop of frosting hit the carpet. Hilariety ensued. OK, so maybe you had to be there, but judge for yourself...

It was a fun celebration, and we can't wait to do it again next 'eekend on the 'ween out at 'ake 'ivira. In the meantime, maybe we'll see you on the Fe. (Oh inside jokes are funny, too bad they can't really come across on a blog!)

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Tim said...

What an excellent celebration! Happy belated Nick! Greetings and felicitations to all the rest of the clan!