Sunday, January 10, 2010

7 things about me

One of my favorite fellow bloggers was up to the task, and noting we have a few things in common, I figured I'd give it a go too.

1. I love lists.  I'd make a list about just about anything. To-Do lists, Bucket lists, Places to travel lists, Places I've already traveled lists, Things about me lists. I just like them. Order and some sort of "historical reference" I guess.

2. I must agree with my fellow blogger as she said: "I freakin' LOVE taking tests – the more absurdly standardized, the better." I was always pretty good at these in school and even this morning I took a "how fast are you aging" online quiz.

3. I hate rules. I think they were made to be broken. And a lot of times, I just think they don't apply to me. My cop-boyfriend on the other hand won't even park in the 10-minute parking spot if he thinks there is a miniscule chance he'll be inside for 11 minutes. And let's be real - the owner of the liquor store that posted that sign - where we just spent $50 - isn't going to do anything if we run into the grocery store for a snack real quick.

4. Again in compliance with Ms. Someday Tri, I am neurotic about spelling and grammar. I think it shows a lot about a person if they don't know the difference between your and you're, there/they're/their, etc. And seriously, if you're posting something online, more often than not there is a spell check available. USE IT dummy!  I'd rather not know if you're just not smart enough to spell "right" correctly. (That said, I better be careful how I write the rest of this entry!)

5. I think my parents set a wonderful example of a loving relationship and successful marriage. Since 1972, yes there have been hard times for them, but they are more in love now than ever. I had this conversation with a drunk girlfriend last night. Both of our parents have set wonderful examples for us,which makes both of us a little nervous about the success of our current relationships. Can they live up to such a high standard?
6. I'd take in every stray puppy I found if I could. I'd empty the animal shelters and bring them all home to live with me. I might even bring home a cat or two to entertain the dogs, because that's about all cats are good for. Nothing. :-) Dogs on the other hand... I even read during my morning online quiz that having a dog while you grow up helps boost your immune system and makes you healthier.

7. I've never had chicken pox. I had shingles when I was 4 and that was the most miserable experience of my life. Sure Mile 95 on the bike at Ironman was hard, but this was EXCRUCIATING!!! Vibarations from across the house caused me to scream. I'm still scarred on my leg and lower back. I was a medical mystery at the University of Denver and can still remember the 8 white coats and bright white lights surrounded me as they tried to figure out what was wrong with this adorble 4 year old whose father thought she had a spider bite.

Now, to tag my fellow bloggers. It's your turn to share 7 Thing about YOU!

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jessica said...

Wow, funny similarities!

I hesitated to put it out there that I'm such a nut about spelling, figured I'd start getting anonymous comments (from people just like me) to point out my errors ;)