Monday, January 11, 2010

Inglorious Bass Turds

So Dan and I sat down to watch Inglorius Basterds last night.

Hearing rave reviews, we were excited to see it. But...

It sucked.

I wasn't expecting all those subtitles or such a slow moving plot.

I was so bored, early on, that I only made it to the point where the Jewish chick turned hidden Frenchwoman decided to burn down her own cinema.

Lame. I should have known that I probably wouldn't have liked it based on the fact that its a Quentin Tarantino flick. I don't think I've ever liked something he's done.

However, there is something I do like. Well, besides Brad Pitt.

This Bass Turd shirt that Dan has. I like to wear it because it makes me laugh.

And it reminds me a bit of my Dad and his quirky sense of humor.

I'd take Bass Turds over Basterds any day.

1 comment:

Anna Banana said...

Love the shirt...but I think I will pass on the movie!