Monday, February 1, 2010

Groundhog Run!

Sunday was race day! The first one since Ironman back in September. And it was the world-famous (or so they claim) Groundhog Run. It's all underground, in a cave with natural temperature control. So even though is was 20* at the start, the course was 70 except for the brief jaunt by the cave opening. 3500 people come from around KC and neighboring states to enjoy a January race that could easily be late April/September conditions.

I love pretty much everything about race day. The energy, excitement, nerves. Seeing other athletes and friends that I generally see only on the course or at the gym. Seeing people of all shapes, sizes and ages competing, against one another and especially against themselves. There was a 6 year old that finished the 5K, and an 84-year-old. How cool is that?!

It was also the good officer's first 10K and longest run ever. He's only been over a two-week bout with the flu for a few days and regardless of that, he did awesome. He negative split and was able to really rock out the last 1.5 miles. I'm so proud of him, and hoping this is only the first of many races to come for us.

For me, I wish I had done a bit of speed training, but am generally pleased with my performance. I think all my races to date have been PRs, and then today, I was about 3 minutes shy of that. But I ran the race I'd planned for. Start out easy, then pick it up for the last 2 miles. And you can't ask for much more than things going to plan. (Even though I would like to ask for a little more speed! Someday, I hope!!)

Afterwards, we had a great lunch at Jazz with some of TGO's buddies, filling our bellies to prep for the awesome nap that took over the afternoon. And then of course, criticizing the celebrity's choices for the red carpet at the Grammy's. Sunday Funday for sure.


RockStarTri said...

Sounds like a fun race!

Anonymous said...

This seems like such a cool race. I love the idea!

jessica said...

Every year I hear about this run after it's over and then wonder why I always forget to try it. It seems so quirky!

I once got my husband to do a half marathon with me, thinking he'd get the marathon bug for sure (how couldn't someone, right?). He finished and immediately said "OK, that's as far as I ever need to run," and hasn't run more than a mile or two since!