Saturday, February 6, 2010

Woof bark growl arf.

Hi guys. I decided to write a guest blog while Mom is taking a nap. Little does she know that I can type! And people always give us a hard time about having no thumbs.

I just wanted you to know that I am the luckiest dog in the world. Mom took me out to Minor Park this morning to play in the snow. I seriously love it there. I get to run around and check everything out without having to worry about getting my neck wrung from that stupid leash. I was following my nose and I found a deer! So I started chasing it and then I found another deer! Those dumb things are so fast I wasn't able to catch them, but at least I know I'm smarter, better looking and have a better family than they do. So they can be faster, that's fine by me.

When we made it to the creek, I couldn't believe Mom. She wouldn't come anywhere near it. I had so much fun wading around and getting wet. The mud feels so good in my paws. And then I smelled something so wonderful, I just had to take the scent with me. Rolling in the snow feels so good!

There were so many things to see and smell. I even found the footprints of some little animal. I have no idea what it was, but I sure tried to find it. It was pretty cool to see just my pawprints and hers for a good portion of the hike. Plus it was so peaceful to stand over the ledge of a big dropoff and hear the creek running. I felt like it was just me and her against the world. And that's the way I always want it to be.

I can't wait to go back. I heard her on the phone with that guy. She said we're going to go back tomorrow. I just can't wait! (If only he wasn't coming, I like having her to myself. He's not so bad I guess, but he better know I'm the boss!) Better rest up so I have plenty of energy for tomorrow!

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