Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Sun'll Come Out...

I was able to eke in about 3.25 miles before the beautiful sun set. Ah, sun. How I've missed you! It was a great chance to spend some quality time with Peter - and make him realize that its ok to be mellow for the rest of the night! He's been sleeping quietly since we've been back. What a relief.

Afterwards I completed Day 2 of the 100 Pushup Challenge. So far so good. Its actually a challenge too, which is nice. The squats and situps aren't nearly as hard, but with these "massive legs" as TGO likes to call them, it totally makes sense.

Being able to run really helps my stress level. Work has been crazy busy. My volunteer work is definitely time consuming. Plus trying to figure out a new living situation while maintaining my #1 2010 goal of BUDGET is tough. Combine that with the dreaded acronym nthat many of the fairer sex have to deal with... and UGH. Makes for a tough week.

But. It Will. Get Better. It Will.

Of this, I am confident.

And for the times that I'm not, fake it til ya make it.

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