Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday at Minor Park with Pete and TGO was just that... a great way to spend a snowy blowy day. We trekked out to the trails since Pete had such a good time out there on Saturday and explored a few new paths and made our own way a few times too. The plastic bags in your shoes trick worked fairly well to keep me dry and warm, but the trek across the creek probably didn't help too much. Live and learn, eh?

The happiest dog in the world!

Its all fun and games until Pete finds a dead deer carcus to roll around in! Be thankful I'm not putting up the picture the the ribs with the meat cleaned off... This seriously was the most raunchy thing I've ever smelled. Well, until we got Pete in the Jeep and all we could smell was his nasty butt. He even had blood in his fur! Gross!

Needless to say we went to U-Wash Puppy afterwards and I will probably never bathe Pete at home again. Such a great deal! $14 for all the supplies, including a fur-dryer and Kennel No. 5 - and no back ache when you're done!

Everybody is happy and tuckered out after a two-hour hike through the snow.

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