Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hospital Hill 10K race recap

10K in downtown KC, over some of the most brutal hills the midwest has seen!

Total time: 1:09
Pace: 11:03

Overall feeling: This was fun! I'm definitely not in great shape, and this was by no means a PR, but it felt great to be a part of KC's biggest road race and hit the pavement with 7500 other runners!

Here's a map of the course...

Race highlight: My first costumed race! I joined in with Girls on the Run's "Last Rodeo" theme for the last aid station on the course - and got my giddy-up on! (Yes, that is a cowboy hat, bandana and pink hula skirt, and Yes, it was about 90 degress during the race!)

Race lowlight: Forgetting my awesome stick unicorn to run with - it woulda been way cooler than the stick pony I almost got. But of course, it slept in the closet and I walked out without my lil buddy!

Sure makes me miss the "real" training and goal setting that comes with racing!

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