Tuesday, June 15, 2010


6 weeks in and going strong.

I haven't written much about work so I thought I'd fill everyone in.

Days have been filled with cold calls, networking, quoting and learning, learning, learning! There are so many laws and rules that we mortgage brokers have to abide by. Apparently it makes things a lot more complicated than it used to be, but luckily it's harder to get people in bad situations - at least, that's the goal.

My biggest successes so far: winning my first deal and passing the National Mortgage Licensing Exam on the FIRST try!!

So here's a look into the Kansas City Mortgage Group...

Marketing guru Mike. He handles all the stuff that brings in the business. And, he stuffs envelopes.

Theresa sits at the front desk, welcomes everyone with a smile or a laugh and does a bunch of the admin stuff that we crazy salespeople aren't good at doing. Like scheduling and organizing. And making the coffee and tea in the morning.

Aaron is the COO / Jack of all Trades. He's been the one that has been teaching me pretty much everything about mortgages. He does it all, including taking apart my computer and adding more memory/making me push F1 every time I restart the computer. Still not sure why...

This is Jason. Hard at work on the phones trying to get some deals. Calls regularly come in and if you haven't grabbed it by the middle of the first ring, Jason already has it.

Lastly is the view I had. Yes, that's had... I've since moved across the hall. Away from the tree-top view, but I now have more than double the desk space, so I can't really complain too much.

I'm loving the work, my co-workers and the autonomy of this new career. If any of you out there in bloggy land are interested in purchasing or refinancing - I'm your girl!

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