Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kites Fly at the K

It was Bret Saberhagen Bobblehead night at Kaufman Stadium on Saturday! What better time for a sorority pledge class reunion!? It had been a while since I'd seen many of these lovely Theta girls, but a tailgate is a great excuse to gather!

And the best part - we got to see Billy Butler. Man, we in KC sure miss his birthday twin who is busy pooping in a hole in Tanzania for 9 weeks. Read her blog here:

The ballpark is a great place to people watch. Had we gone to the game the night before, we would've seen these characters. But on Saturday, we saw these jems:

Yep, he thought it was flat bill Friday, but it was really you-look-like-a-tool Sunday. Luckily, I did find the tattoo that I really want to get someday.

No - those last two pictures aren't meant to be the crazy folk at the K,  but if the shoe fits....

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