Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weds Track Workout

The best part of the track workout on Weds came after the actual workout, during our victory at trivia night:

This is me beforehand, wondering if the storm is going to hold out.

Luckily, it did. Towards the end, I really wish it had been sprinkling - the heat and humidity had been brutal!
So here's part of the group getting an introduction to the workout from Flash.

We did a double warmup... a mile easy and then 2 800s... then headed over to "the hill" for some repeats. Here's the route and info. (The extra mile warmup isn't included in the stats.)

We had a great cheerleader with us - and she even did some of the laps and the hills! Good work Paige! We gotta get her signed up for Girls on the Run!

Matthew "Flash" Mellor led the group, as he does every week. He did his first marathon at 15, ran at KU in college and estimates he's run between 45 and 50,000 miles in his lifetime. That's around the world - TWICE!!!

All in all, a great workout. But TOUGH.

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