Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ta Town Trip

Friday afternoon, Pete, BDR and I loaded up the Jeep and started the 2.5-hr trek to Wichita for a weekend visit to Nanny and Poppy's house. Luckily Pete is really good in the car (for the most part) and we all endured the outrageous Friday evening heat. The AC struggled to keep up, so we just struggled, but we made it.

BDR kept me entertained on the drive, and he didn't wreck so that's a bonus. He did succumb to the blue-tongued boredom disease, or maybe it was the Jolly Rancher, or he ate a smurf. Who knows. Either way, he was pretty cute.

Pete was gracious enough to model for me, but he had to pay attention to BDR's driving while he did.

He is a pretty good co-pilot, keeping an eye out for what's ahead and a nose to the vents. Making sure wayward moo cows didn't hamper our travel plans. That, and he had to make sure we didn't miss any of the more than 10 state license plates we bet on. (Yes, I won. Dan lost. Of course. I mean really, we're pretty much guaranteed to see KS, MO and likely OK and TX - but he still wanted to bet we'd only see 5 states.)

Friday evening brought brats and beers with Nanny and Poppy, and a fairly early bedtime. After all, Pete and I had to get up at the crack to run 9 miles. We intended to do a couple laps at Sedgwick County Park, but driving past downtown I noticed the awesome amped up bike paths along the river. So we parked near the Keeper of the Plains and took off along the Little Arkansas. Pete and I ran loop near the Wichita Art Musuem, Botanica, Sim Park and the All-Indian Center, then headed south along the Arkansas toward the Hyatt and Lawrence-Dumont Stadium. Coming back we passed Exploration Place and then I caught this awesome early morning shot.

Pete was obviously having a great time, but he desperately wanted to go for a swim. Its hot when you're covered in fur and running 9 miles!

We stopped at the car for a drink and headed thru downtown Wichita to Old Town. I even stopped for a quick photo op with this man reading the paper waiting for the bus on Douglas.

It was quite the tour of the town. I swear running is the best way to see a place you're visiting, and I got to see so much of my hometown in a completely new way.

After a delicious blueberry pancake breakfast and shower, we headed back downtown to enjoy some beautiful gardens at Botanica. Poppy got some great shots, including this awesome candid of me and my beautiful mother!

Saturday evening brought juicy and flavorful T-Bone steaks, baked potatoes and great conversation. BDR got to experience Old Town and the "best topless bar in town" - the Brickyard. Clever catchphrase for a place that doesn't have a roof!

We headed back to KC Sunday mid-day, enjoying the beautiful Kansas country with windows down, music up and ears flapping in the wind.

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