Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back on 2 feet

Pete and I had a great run yesterday evening. It was only 2 miles, but it was hard and my legs were tired! The road to a WIN has now begun! I'm even back to trying the 100 Pushup Challenge. That is one hard program. I did some other strength stuff too, situps, planks, bicycles, the glute-bridge thing that I don't know the real name for. And, this morning, I can tell I got a decent workout in!

I'm really hoping tonight's storm holds out and I can get a decent bike ride in before the thunder and lightning strikes. I'm so lucky to have borrowed a mountain bike from a friend, but I had to drop it off at Elite to get the pedals changed and TGO's tires swapped out. We had planned to ride the Peddler's Jamboree over Memorial Day weekend, but a family wedding is pulling TGO to Milwaukee instead.

So I'm hoping I can convince him that we need to instead race the Dirty Duo later in June. I mean really. There is a huge mud pit that you have to crawl thru to get to the Finish Line. How fun is that?!!?

Anyone else planning to do that race?? Have you done it in the past?

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