Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend in Review

Friday: Girls Night Out for sushi and sake. Except, sub sake for wine. I had no idea sake tasted like rubbing alcohol. Gross. Nara, in the Crossroads, was pretty tasty. Not my favorite local sushi place, especially the bang for your buck, but I'd missed sushi and was happy to enjoy it again!

Kristin and I waiting for our food.

Andrea and her sake. This was the beginning of a long night for her, as I understand it.

My attempt at being artistic. I'm trying to get this photography thing to stick... We'll see!

The last bite. Can you tell we didn't like it one bit?! There isn't even any eel sauce left on the plate.

Saturday: Took Pete for a walk and ran errands I've been needing to get done. Dropped off a bunch of stuff to Goodwill, washed my car and went to visit someone I'd like to make my new friend:

Is he not precious?! He's a Dogue de Bordeaux, or French Mastiff, like Hooch from Turner & Hooch. If he had been at a shelter and not a pet store (for $1999!!) he would have come home with me. BDR wouldn't have liked it very much, but he stole my heart so I woulda found a way to make it work.

The rest of Saturday brought cleaning, reading and movie time. Then grilling out with some good buds and 4 dogs!

Sunday: Decently long bike ride (17 or so), then Lake Time!! We spent almost all day at Lake Quivira, letting the dogs swim, reading, enjoying the scenic views and swimming ourselves. I absolutely love it out there and plan to spend as much time possible there this summer. Grilled out again with the girls and BDR when he got back in town.

Monday: Slept in! Met BDR at Firestone and went to Einstein Bros for bagels, but in 2 cars. Pete did not like that one bit. When with him, he was barking and whimpering so loudly that my friend on the phone could hear him! Back with me, he jumped out of a moving Jeep (luckily it was going slow) so he could go check on BDR. He landed square on his back, broke his collar, but shook it off and was ready for the rest of the day. Maybe we'll learn that we need to just take 1 car when Pete is along for the ride!

Headed out to the Overland Park arboretum to hike with Peter. I had never been out there, only ridden by on my bike, and had heard good things - so we had to try it out. Other than needing to keep Pete on the leash, it was wonderful! Wide trails, warm sun and beautiful green views. Pete got to swim in Wolf Creek so you know he was happy!

Camoflauged puppy!

Life is good out here.

Peter loves the water!

I even though ahead to take my Forerunner so I could track how far we went. There was 1 more trail we didn't take, but will have to go on it next time.

My only regret: not showering before and smelling like cocoa butter lotion. The skeeters loved it! Whoops.

Got some more pool time in this afternoon, got further in my book, and now I gotta get some family time with T&C and BDR over dinner. What a great weekend! Another busy week and weekend ahead  - with a sorority reunion at the Royals game, Ironman Kansas 70.3, work, and much more!

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Kristin said...

i'm stealing that pic of us--it's cute! fun weekend!!