Sunday, May 16, 2010

Heritage Park Duathlon

This was my first duathlon, and all in all, a pretty good experience.  I have NOT been training. I tried to start up again this week in an effort to prepare for the WIN tri coming up at the end of July. Then the weather put a damper on that.

I did do one 2-mile run on Tuesday, that totally kicked my ass. Needless to say, I didn't feel ready for a race.

I was even considering sleeping in, since Karli had predicted storms all day, and riding my bike in the rain is one of my least favorite things to do.

Luckily, I woke up to 55* and fog and decided to give it a go. The first leg, a 2 mile run, went decent. I didn't expect to go fast. I just wanted to keep going and have fun along the way. I ran most of the leg with Rebecca, a new KCM pal.

Getting to the bike, it was definitely wet from the fog, but still no real rain. At some point on the 3 laps, a decent mist started, but it wasn't too bad. I felt great on the bike, even the one hill on Pflumm that I used to seriously struggle with. Maybe I'm in better shape than I thought. I ran across several triathlon friends and several other people that I know outside my athletic endeavors. Friendly faces always make races more fun!

A definite highlight was seeing the Diaper Dandy crew in Nascar gear, on single speed cruisers...

The final leg, a 3 mile run, felt pretty good as well. Of course I did some walking, and I could have pushed a little harder, but my whole goal was to finish and just have fun. Mission accomplished.

Run with T1: 50/52 23:34
Bike: 18/52, 44:04
T2: 42/52 2:09
Run: 40/52 30:09
Total:  33/52 1:39:55

Race highlights: 18th woman on the bike! So much better than in the past. I even heard someone say (shocked), did Trish just pass us?! Hell ya I did!!

Maybe if I actually train a little better for WIN I can rock that race! Novel concept...

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jessica said...

Glad you had a fun race! I think I saw you out there on one of the out-&-backs of the 2nd run, but it was about 20 feet later when my brain computed it. I should have stopped by the KCM tent, but just couldn't bring myself to actually say out loud "hi, um, you don't know me, but I sort of know you through your blog" ;) I'm sure I'll see you around eventually!