Tuesday, January 4, 2011

10 Blogs I Love to Read

So I just joined this group, 20 Something Bloggers. A friend told me about it, and so far it seems like a pretty cool way to connect with other writers and to be entertained by their blogs.

Thus, I figured a good 10 on Tuesday list this week would be my favorite blogs to read. If you think yours should be on the list, be sure to add a comment!

In no particular order....

1. Little Lady. This is one of my best friends, and who told be about 20SB, and she writes just about the crazy incidents of her life. Most of which I'm there to witness, but are even funnier in writing.

2. Steve in a Speedo. He's in MN and does a ton of triathlons and road races. Hilarious stuff here people. If you aren't an athlete you probably won't relate, but if you are - be sure to start reading! He also does a bunch of cool giveaways which is fun!

3. 50 J Dates. She was dating a non-Jewish guy, but her family didn't like it. So she promised to go on 50 dates with Jewish men to see if she could find someone else to be with. She's finally found someone, so she doesn't write as much, but its soooooooooooo entertaining to read the older entries. I've been on the same dates with some of these losers its seems like!

4. Molly on the Run. This is written by the Girls on the Run founder, Molly Barker. Great insight into the program, life of a girl and thoughts of a woman.

5. Walking in Wonder. My cousin and her fiance took the year off to travel the world. Last I knew, they were in Asia somewhere, having the time of their lives. I like to live vicariously through their blog.

6. Erin Leigh Studio and Erin's Thoughts. Another good friend of mine who is establishing her photography and design business. Her photos are great, and just continue to get better. Plus, BDR and I are in the top slideshow from time to time, so that's fun! :-)

7. Mollie Wetta Photography. Speaking of photos, here is another favorite photography site. She does tons of kiddos and her husband pitches in too. Gorgeous, sentimental, story-telling images.

8. Single Dad Laughing. He was made "famous" a while back for his post on bullies and I've come to read it fairly regularly. For a man, what insight on kids! Who knew men were so insightful!? Kidding, boys, I think you're great!

9. Chubby Chicks Run Too. Great runger (that's blogger and runner combined, duh) as well as mother, woman, professional. Check it out!

10. Run Like a Mother. These 2 women have written in Runners World and have their own book, plus they run, parent and make time for themselves. Great inspiration.

What else should be on this list???

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