Tuesday, January 11, 2011

10 TV Shows I've Been Obsessed With

So even as active as I am, I love me some TV time. The boob tube and I have a sentimental, turn my brain off and relax relationship. Here's the shows I've been most obsessed with and I'm pretty sure I've seen every single episode of the series for each...

1. I had a huge crush on Zach Morris. What girl didn't!? And I wanted to be Kelly Kapowski, even though I was way more Jessi Spanno. And seriously, Zach Attack shoulda been Billboard Top 40.

2. So cheesy and predictable, but a fun mind-numbing reality getaway.

 3. Always such great drama, always. You never know who will end up a murderer, liar, cheater, philanderer next!

4. Even though the finale totally sucked, this series was great while it lasted. I didn't get into it until late, but those first seasons were awesome!
 5. Got hooked on this in college, seating in the GCA at the Theta house and of course, had to go back and catch up on the earlier seasons. Never really liked Joey, but I was still hooked on her!

6. 90210 the original. Another college run. What else are you supposed to do in the dorms besides watch the SOAP channel!? I was too young to care when it first aired, but I've since seen every episode there's been!

7. 90210 revamped. Super cheesy again, but I still like it! They do talk about some pretty relevant issues in almost every episode.
8. Rewatched a first-season episode recently and WOW a lot has changed. Still going strong though it may be unrealistic. I'm wondering if marriage on a post it can be divorced by a post it?

9. Spin off, schpin hoff. I still love it.

10. My current obsession. I've just begun Season 4 and I can't stop watching!!! Kevin and Scotty are adorable. Nora/Sally Field I just love. Rebecca and Justin - what a story! Not sure about Ally McBeal, but I do enjoy watching Rob Lowe. :-)

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