Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh gym, how I've missed you!

This past week, I've been restless and itchin' to do something. Its been SOOOOOOOCOLD though, that anything active outdoors is just out of the question. I mean, I'm talking below zero in the mornings and dark and icy in the evenings.

So I was pretty excited when my brother gave me a free week's pass to the new Lifetime Fitness in Lenexa. I got it Saturday and went today.

I did a 1song warmup on the elliptical and then ran on the treadmill. I started out pretty slow since I haven't been running much (I'm talking 13:00 miles here people!) but then every 200m (the dreadmill shows a track on it!) I'd up my speed one push or .1 mph. I ended up sprinting the last 200m at like 8.0 mph. It was tough.

Luckily though, the workout kept things interesting. I didn't get bored and I had fun! I think the optimal people watching at the gym is VERY helpful.

I then got in the pool, swam 100m and thought I was going to die. Literally thought my arms were going to fall off.

Luckily I was rescued by my nephews who just wanted to play in the other pool. Phew.

I've already got my bag packed for the morning, so I can go on my way to work. If I can keep it up this week, I just might think about an actual membership! Man, that would sure make the winter go by quickly!!!

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