Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Favorite Childhood Games

This week's 10 on Tuesday list... my favorite childhood games! Being the youngest and only girl (by 6 years), I never really had my brothers to play with, luckily there were some neighbor kids that kept me entertained!

1. Colors -- in the pool at the Reheis Country Club, aka my bff's backyard pool. Someone on the diving board is turned around eyes closed, yelling out colors. When your color is called, you have to swim to the other side of the pool as quietly as you can. If the diver hears you, she jumps in and if you get tagged, you're it!

2. Tetris and Zelda on the original NES system. Heck ya! I was never any good at any of the other games (besides Mario that is) but I was lucky if I was ever able to steal some time on the Nintendo from my brothers!

3. Barbies. I had this sweet Barbie dream house, with an elevator and an awesome Jem car that even had a radio in the trunk. It was so rad.

4. Stuck in the Mud. Like tag, but you have to freeze until someone crawls under your legs to unfreeze you!

5. Bombardament. We only played this in Mr. Fink's gym class in grade school. Its dodge ball, but with a way cooler name.

6. Uno. We played all the time around the family table. I was usually the winner. Ooh, and Speed at the Reheis Country Club on our lunch breaks!

7. Heads Up 7 Up. Best school day game when there is a subsitute ever!

8. Red Light Green Light. You have to stop at the red light and can run on the green light. First to the end wins!

9. Pogs. I wasn't very good, but it sure was fun. Gotta love those fads. I think the comparable thing right now is Silly Bandz.

10. And of course my all-time childhood favorite: Basketball! In middle school, I was so sure I was going to play in the newly formed WNBA, marry Raef LaFrentz (I even created a website in his honor in 1997. Who knew there were websites back then!?), star on my high school team as a freshman.... of course all those dreams were slowly brought back to reality by a horrific diaper wearing HS coach who highly preferred the girls that practiced in their sports bras. I played on a travelling summer team for years, the Wichita Chaos later rivaled by the Wichita Elite (sheesh, what brats!) and made some amazing friends from all over town. Ah, memories.

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MinaMaharet said...

Heads Up 7-UP!!! Best game EVER!!

*sigh* What good memories. :-)