Wednesday, January 5, 2011

O'D Dance Party

At our Family Christmas/New Years Gathering, we enjoyed the boys' Christmas presents immensely. Namely this awesome game they got for the Wii. Yep, its Kidz Bop Dance Party!!

You get to pick the outfits, the stage, accessories and then you dance along with the game. Of course, I had to rock out to Miley's "Party in the USA" and singing and dancing at the same time is hard work. I was breathless before I knew it!

Here's a few photo highlights of the dance party.

IPOD rocked out first, showing us how to play the game.

Then I took at turn...

And then Poppy! Let me tell you, this was classic! Poppy and the Wii is one thing, but Poppy, the Wii and dancing --- it'll go down in history.

Sorry I can't figure out how to turn the photos right side up. Just tilt your head and you'll see what I'm talking about!

Uncle Timmy took a turn and Ryan decided to not just stand there, bust a move!

Good times, I can't wait to go over and play again. I promise, Ian, I'm coming after your high score!!!

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