Friday, January 28, 2011

Dogs Night Out

Somehow, I recently found a website and group called Dogs Life KC. They showcase tons of cool stuff for people like me that are crazy about their pups. I heard about this event, Dogs Night Out, and called up another dog-loving buddy to go with me.

Its sponsored by Three Dog Bakery, a local business turned international, and portions of the proceeds went to their charitable foundation. Apparently they do these events regulary, even though this was the first time I attended. Btw, my favorite thing about Three Dog is how they make everything dog-related. You can shop in their "Dogalog" and put items in your shopping "basset", and they have assort"mutts" of treats that are just tasty!

I had to flip a coin to decide which dog to take. Stella won. Next time, I'll find a way to take them both. Here's the menu from our night out.

And this is what Stella thinks when she finds out what she's gotten herself into:

We started off with a Yappatizer Basket. The guy we shared a table with thought these were for the humans, so he had a bite. He said they weren't all that tasty. You'd never have known it though, because Stella and Laila LOVED it!

After the yappatizers, the girls got some good play time in. Of course, they almost tripped Kmac several times, but they were having so much fun!

Course Number 2: Tasty! I love the parsley accent!

It's agood thing Stella has learned to sit and lay down, she was able to work for the food!

Man, did she love it!!

This is our appetizer - crab cakes. Mmm! They were falling apart, but they were pretty tasty.

While we ate, Stella just wanted some more! She was a hit though, being the only puppy among the crowd.

The main course - beef stew! mmmmm. It looks like something that just came out of my crock pot!

Holy cow, did the dogs love this! Lady couldn't get enough, she kept trying to find more and more.

And my favorite course - dessert! This labrador bar was peanut butter, banana and carob. I wanted to eat it myself.

Since BDR had already fed the dogs (oops!) I made sure to bring home leftovers so Stella didn't eat too much, and Peter was able to enjoy some of the goodness as well.

And they sent us home with a pupcake for later. Its so cute - it looks like a little red velvet cupcake, and I want to eat it myself!

I can't wait for another event like this! Peter would've just had a blast and I felt bad I couldn't take them both.

Ooh, I almost forgot! Stella is now famous! Fox 4 News did a story on the event that was on the 10:00 news. You can see the clip here....

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