Monday, January 17, 2011

Pete's Birthday Party!

My little guy is now 6! I can't believe he's been family for that long!

We had a great birthday party to celebrate. A lot of his furry four-legged friends came over to play and eat cake. Luckily the snow kept the mud off all paws, even if my floors did get a little messy! :-)

We started out playing out back...

Pete says, "C'Mon guys the snow is calling! Let's go wrestle!"

"Or we could play chase!"

"Or we could play follow the leader!"

"Or we could play chicken off the big step on the deck!"

 "But really, we can play whatever you guys want. I'm just happy to have you all here with me and my family!"

We had a pretty good turnout, including the boys in blue from the Leawood PD. (Oh, and Brome from the KCMG office!)

Pete's cousin Dixie (the chocolate lab) even brought her brothers over to play, including 4 year old Jacob who is just getting used to my "new dog" and he says he likes Pete a lot better. I think its because Stella tries to play with him in her puppy way, aka biting at him!

BDR and I had some fun with all our friends and their doggie best friends.

Now the story of the cake. I baked a chocolate on chocolate people cake and then picked up a doggie cake at Land of Paws for Peter and some cookies for his friends.

 It was a really stinkin' cute cake that fit perfectly on a little plate for Peter. It was a little harder icing than Pete is used to so it took him some time to make a dent in it.


While Pete was trying his cake, Ryno thought he should taste test the cookies for the other dogs. Hey if Poppy tried it over Christmas its only fair right?! He said it tasted like a stale oreo.

 This close up just might be my favorite shot of the day.

Hey, I told you it took him a while to get any of the cake. At least he got to enjoy it some!
He was licking his chops when I took the plate away, begging for more. 

So were all his buddies!

Here's a few of Pete's friends... Zephyr (with Losee) and Sarge (with Coby). Sarge lives next door and I think will become good friends with Pete and Stella - at least through the pee on the fence wars to see who is really top dog!

Here's me with my babies. You can tell Stella is a typicall toddler - too busy to stay still for even a minute!

BDR and Baby Stella!

Here's the post-party shots.... exhausted!

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Looks like a great party!