Tuesday, December 7, 2010

10 Things You Want, but Wouldn’t Buy for Yourself

1. Diamonds, duh!!

2. A new car with a working heater! Well, I'll buy that at some point just not yet.

3. Big flat screen TV. It would be super fun to have, but really, is there a true need for that?

4. A sweet European vacation. OK, so this is more a "couldn't" than "wouldn't" but I really hope I can do this someday.

5. More Carolers and Nutcrackers for my holiday decor collection.

6. Health insurance with a lower deductible. Also, wish I could but alas, no can doozville babydoll.

7. Unlimited movie passes so I can go see whatever I want, whenever I want. That or the DVDs I'd see repeatedly to round out my library.

8. A sweet new road bike, tri bike and mountain bike. With awesome carbon fiber trimmings!

9. Subscriptions to People, US Weekly and other mind-numbing publications.

10. Awesome art for my walls. This is something I'd love to have but just can't justify right now. Someday I will have my own house, fully furnished and decorated to my heart's content and that includes some fascinating artwork.

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Jess Huston said...

WHAT!? Why wouldn't you buy diamonds for yourself?? Girl, if you want it and you deserve, then you can get it. If you wait for everyone to buy nice stuff for you, you may never get what you deserve. I bought myself a right-hand ring a couple of years ago, with a diamond, and every time I look at it it reminds me that I can take care of myself. ;)