Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Update: Satan's in Jail

It's 18 hours post-bite and I still can't feel my fingers. My wrist hurts like a %*&#(! and I can barely move it. The Lortab isn't doing much for me, so I'm a little grouchy.

Its so crazy to think the little punk could cause this much pain. I seriously feel like my wrist is broken, but I know he musta just nicked a nerve or something.

The good news: Satan got caught by Animal Control this morning. I think his real name is Bob. But Satan isjust so much more fitting. He lives across College Blvd in a nice neighborhood, but comes to the office park because people feed him. He's bit at least 2 other people in a neighboring building but they didnt do anything about it. After I ID'd the bastard, the ACO will impound him for 10 days but luckily he's good on his shots. He was also going to go cite the owners for the bite. I'm hoping they didn't know that their cat was evil and now they'll keep him inside once he gets back from prison. Maybe a ticket will motivate them to keep him away from nice animal lovers that just want to help him.

I'm sort of hoping he doesn't make it out of jail though. (Cue evil laugh.) Either that or that someone bites him back so he knows what it feels like.

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jessica said...

good to hear. 10 days at the shelter surrounded by barking dogs, freaked ferals, and creepy smells will be plenty punishment for an "evil" cat -- or one with shitty owners and a case of petting-induced aggression ;)

Get well!