Saturday, December 18, 2010


Thursday evening the ladies of Rotary gathered at a local jewelers for some fun and fellowship. Not to mention all the pretty sparkly things! Van Brock opened its doors for us to showcase its jewelry and entertain us ladies. It was delightful.

Of course, I probably think so because I got to try on all sorts of things that I'll never own.

Namely, this: (I mean hello, you can even see the *bling* in the photo!!!)

If I recall correctly, this is a 12 carat tourmaline which is rarer than a diamond. The mine in Brazil where this gem came from is closed, and most of the stones were 2-3 carat. This one is 12! And its surrounded by diamonds, set in platinum. Holy cow, it was heavy!

I thought about buying it, but I figured I'd save my hard earned $1,500,000 for something a little less blue.

The Van Brock lady was telling us that she sold this ring once, and when the man gave it to his wife, she said "I don't want it, I already have a blue ring." Can you believe that!?

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