Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I heart the holidays.

Since BDR's folks were in Florida visiting his sister for "Birthgiving", we celebrated both holidays on Sunday evening, and kicked off the Christmas season by trimming the tree. No one warned us we'd be taking pictures for the family Christmas card, but luckily my hair was done. I can't say the same for BDR.

We had a delicious lasagna dinner, vino and of course - birthday cake! Then got to work on the tree. You can only sort of tell from the photos, but I LOVE his dad's house. Its gorgeous, right off the lake, a fun stream/pond in the backyard and plenty of space for us all to gather.

Chris keeps all her ornaments in their original Hallmark boxes so there was almost as much unwrapping as there is on Christmas morning! Both of those huge tubs were full of ornaments, and luckily so because "O Tannenbaum"is huge!

Seriously, BDR is 6-2 and he looks like a shrimp compared to that thing!

Its exciting to be included on the family Christmas card even though I'm not technically a part of the family. It feels like I am - at least to me! I guess they just have to deal with me being around now! :-) Here's a few of the good ones. It doesn't look like the group photos really turned out... I blame Mike and his 2 second shutter speed. Who really can stay perfectly still for that long!?

Kristen and Dusty snuggle while Bo looks on. Bo is the new member of the family, rescued this year from a lady who passed.

This is the fun that preggo sister in Florida is missing out on. Nick couldn't even put on real pants for the photos. Jeans are just so much work when you're 17!

 We also took some fun shots. BDR's weapon looks much more dangerous than mine!

Apparently BDR thinks I'm pretty heavy. He was none too thrilled when I told him I was jumping on his back. Oh, and I have "massive thighs" ... way to earn points honey. Glad you think the couch is comfy!

So, all in all, a fun night. I love the holiday season and I can't believe its already here! I know it will go quickly too! Besides a little Christmas shopping, baking, wrapping, etc. I just need to decide my plans for Christmas Eve. Historically thats been the big family evening - church, presents, dinner, cookies and as we grew up - drinks and games by the fire. BDR is working Christmas Eve so as of now, I'm solo. We'll do Christmas Day at his Dad's and I just need to figure out what I want to do for Eve. No matter what - I'm sure this will be my feelings about Christmas 2010:

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Tim said...

Nice post! It sure looks like you're part of the family from here.

Please tell everyone up there hello from Pipe Creek.