Monday, December 6, 2010

Hide and Seek

We taught Pete how to play Hide & Seek. In full disclosure, we didn't really teach him - we just learned that he likes to play it!

One day a few weeks ago, BDR was playing with Pete, chasing him around the house, wrestling, doing things boys do and then he hid behind the bedroom door. When he called Pete to come find him, Pete searched high and low.

He ran into the bedroom where he knew BDR's voice was coming from, looked around then ran out to the second bedroom. Then to the living room. Then BDR called him again and he ran back to the bedroom, around the bed, stuffed his head under the bed, stuck his sniffer in the air, then ran out and did the same thing in the spare room.

BDR called him again and he looked under the bed on the other side, hopped on top of the bed and sniffed around, then ran out. He heard BDR's voice one more time and finally found him hiding behind the door. It was a classic moment. Dumb dog turned genius!

We played some more yesterday. BDR would tell Pete to sit and stay in the kitchen then he'd run and hide. BTW, Pete's "Wait" is getting really good. Even with a cookie on the floor in front of him, he'll wait until we tell him its ok. Anyway, BDR hid behind bedroom doors, in the closet, in the shower, behind the couch. Pete would seek high and low, in and out of the rooms, and finally find where we hid. I'm not sure if we had more fun or if Pete did, but his tail was sure waggin' like it was his new favorite game.

Now if only we could teach him to be the hider.

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