Monday, December 27, 2010

Satan Bit Me

Leaving work tonight, I tried to do my good deed for the day. There was a stray cat haning out under the car, so I bent down to see if he was open to getting some help. He immediately came up to me, letting me pet him, purring and nuzzling my legs. He was this sweet animal that looked like he got lost from a family that loved him. He looked like this:

Minutes later he transformed into a Devil Cat that looked like this:

Yep, that SOB bit me!!! For no reason and out of the blue, I ended up with 4 puncture wounds and a scratch. I freaked out, went back in the office to wash it off and then headed straight to Urgent Care, calling Animal Control on the way.

The doc cleaned me up, wrote me a scrip for an antibiotic since cat bites always get infected, and for Lortab for the pain, along with a tetanus shot. They say that protocol is to undergo rabies treatment just in case if the animal can't be observed, so I'm really hoping that OPPD can catch the little punk.

Puncture wounds #1, #2, #3. Right in my wrist, he musta got nerves because its 4.5 hours later and I still can't feel my fingers! Its the weirdest feeling and I'm really surpised I can type ok.

Puncture wounds #3 and #4.

All the bandages.

And the results of my tetanus shot.

Ugh, so not how I was planning to spend my evening!

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jessica said...

oh no! Stay on OPAC's case to trap that cat (they don't have an ordinance banning stray cats, so they don't deal as much with them as dogs).

It's good that rabies is remarkably rare, but those post-bite infections can be scary dangerous. Pretty please follow up with your primary doc.